Software Projects


I have a sourcehut account that I use to upload all of the projects and repositories to due to GitHub being owned and operated by Microsoft. You can find my sourcehut here:

My sourcehut page


I mirror my projects to my GitHub account, but it don’t regularly check it. The only reason I have it around is to contribute to other projects. If you want to visit me GitHub account you can find it here:

My GitHub page

My Dotfiles

I have all my personal configurations, scripts, and more in my dotfile repository. Feel free to use them however you want, you can find them here.

Suckless builds

My personal builds and configurations of minimal and Suckless software can be found on my Git pages (both Sourcehut and GitHub). These include (but are not limited to):


After seeing a lot of plugin managers for Vim and NeoVim that are unnecessary complicated and bloated I decided to create pm. pm (short for plugin manager) is just a simple (or stupidly simple) plugin manager that is written in less that 100 lines of code that relies on the new automatic plugin loading system for Vim and NeoVim to make the process of adding, updating, and removing plugins extremely simple. If you would like to use it you can download it here.