Modern Software

Software should be free and open source

The best software is free software. Not free as in free beer, but free as in freedom. If the software you’re using on your computer is free, then you control your computer. But, if the software on your computer or other devices is not free, then your computer controls you. Richard Stallman, the founder of the GNU project as well as the FSF (Free Software Foundation), makes plenty of excellent points in in this video. There are more speeches available here if you are interested.

If you care about your freedom, you should use free software.

The current state of software companies

As of the time I am writing (or typing) this (2021), most software companies don’t care about good programmers anymore. Nowadays, most software companies care about “equal representation”, but they don’t really care weather someone is actually good at programming. Now don’t get me wrong, some software companies don’t do this, but MOST of the biggest companies on the planet do this (i.e. Microsoft, Google, Facebook). This is one of the reasons why a lot of software that these companies make are either bloated, slow, complicated, or all three.

Why you should not support these software companies

Most of the biggest companies on the planet are also some of the most unethical companies as well. Here is a list of companies that you should probably not support and reasons why:

Along with the reasons I provided, most of these companies employ censorship into their software in some way. Please don’t support these multi-billion dollar corporations.