My CPU is an AMD Ryzen 4600g. When it comes to CPU and GPU power, I really don’t need much, so a 6 core 12 thread CPU is definitely enough for me. The most I do with it is compiling large programs and video editing. You can even overclock the CPU if you want a little extra performance.


I don’t use a discrete GPU, I just use the built in graphics that come with my AMD 4600g. This GPU/APU uses Radeon at 1.9 GHz which is pretty OK, but you can always overclock it if you want extra graphical performance. I don’t overclock my graphics because I don’t really play any video games, especially on my computer.


My motherboard is an ASRock B450M Steel Legend. I bought this motherboard because it was on sale and it had some pretty useful features. Although I’m not a big fan of RGB lights in general, I really don’t mind the lights on the motherboard. It also has useful ports like USB-C, optical audio, and even Display Port for those who need it.


I use OLOy DDR4 2x8GB RAM sticks. I clock my ram at around 2.933 GHz because it’s the fastest supported speed for my CPU/APU. For me personally, any amount of RAM over 16GB is overkill.


I literally just used an old PSU I had sitting around my house, I think I’ve had it for around 10 years. It can handle up 300 watts, which is more than enough for my setup. I might replace my PSU soon because I really don’t want my computer failing or catching on fire anytime soon.


I have 2 drives in my desktop, one HDD and one SSD. The SSD I use is a Western Digital Black 256GB SN730. It is an NVMe drive so it’s pretty dang fast, I don’t think I have ever had to physically wait when it came to moving files on this drive. I use this drive to store my bootloader/OS as well as small a frequently used files like documents, programs, and etc. My HDD is Seagate BarraCuda 2TB 7200 RPM. I mostly use this drive to store large files like movies, games, pictures, and etc. It’s a little slow, but I’m very patient.


My computer case is just an old 2005 Gateway computer case I found in my basement. It works fine and it holds everything in place.


Lenovo Ideapad

My laptop is a Lenovo Ideapad 5 15IIL05 (rolls right off the tongue). It’s surprisingly lightweight and durable, at least in my opinion. This laptop actually has a few cool features that I use like USB-C and a built-in camera privacy shutter. There are some downsides though, there’s no Ethernet port, not many BIOS/UEFI settings, and some hardware/software qwerks. Compatibility with Linux for this laptop has been a mixed bag. On one hand, it runs Debian Based distributions perfectly fine, but on the other hand, running OpenSuse, Manjaro, or even Fedora results in lots of weird results. Believe it or not, Arch Linux works perfectly fine on this laptop. Battery life on this laptop is actually amazing! I have used this laptop for hours at a time and haven’t come close to draining the battery. Overall, I would give this laptop an 7.5/10, good, but could use some improvements.

Lenovo Thinkpad

My other laptop is a Lenovo Thinkpad X220. I prefer to use this laptop over the Ideapad. First things first, Thinkpads are built like tanks. I could drop this laptop from a rooftop and it will probably still work afterwords. Although this laptop isn’t that fast, as you can tell, I don’t really need a fast computer for my work. All of my computing can easily be done on a 10 year old computer. I also replaced the stock BIOS on this laptop with Coreboot.

Keyboards, Mice, Etc.


I use a Unicomp Classic. When it comes to keyboards, you can’t beat the IBM Model M, and the Unicomp Classic is as close to a Model M as you can get. This keyboard is the best keyboard I have ever used, period. Although this keyboard isn’t a Model M it is a close a you can get to an IBM Model M. Believe it or not, Unicomp actually bought the tooling and molds that were used to make the Model M. Pretty rad.


My mouse is Logitech three button mouse. Why? Because it’s the best mouse that I currently have and I barely use my mouse as it is, so I don’t really mind. I don’t prefer wireless mice because I think that replacing the batteries on them are annoying.


My main monitor is an HP 24mh. When it comes to desktop monitors, all I really need is something that can do 1080p. Although color accuracy is somewhat important to me, I really don’t care if a monitor’s color accuracy is good or not.

Other Things


I’ve never been a big fan of cell phones. Despite that, I still use a cell phone. However, before you call me a hypocrite, I plan to not have a cell phone in future. I honestly think that a cell phone is just a dumbed down computer that can fit into your pocket. If that’s the case, then why can’t we have all the features of a computer but for a cell phone? If you want a cell phone that respects your privacy and is almost like a computer in your pocket, I recommend getting the Librem 5 or De-Google an Android phone. I personally have a Google Pixel 3a that I flashed Graphene OS onto.