Equipment I Use

3D Printer

For 3D printing I use the Anycubic Photon. This printer isn’t your normal 3D printer, the Photon is an SLA printer. This printer uses photosensitive resin that hardens with UV light. The result is a print that can have more detail, but is more brittle. Although, you can buy resin that is almost as strong as PLA. Overall, I would recommend this to people who want accurate plastic molds/models.

Power Supply

The power supply I use is the CSI3010SW. This power supply is like any other except it can go up to 10 amps. This power supply is also a switching power supply, which means it a produce a fair bit of electrical noise.


I use the CSI2010 for my multimeter. This is a fairly cheap and accurate multimeter for the price. Does not have that many fancy features but gets the job done.

Soldering Station

For soldering I use the 862D+. This is a soldering/hot air station. For me, it has been pretty reliable and works well. The soldering station uses an internal transformer, which means you might hear a slight humming. Otherwise it’s pretty solid.


The oscilloscope I use is the Rigol DS1054Z. A very good price for a very good oscilloscope. The Rigol DS1054Z has lots of features for its price. It’s the only 4 channel scope I know that’s below $500. It also has a 100MHz frequency range, a insanely good memory depth, and a great sample rate. If you want a starter oscilloscope, this is perhaps the best deal on the market. There are some features that are locked behind a payment system for this oscilloscope, but you can bypass them using this website.


For programming EEPROMS, PROMS, and etc. I use the TL866II Plus. It can program almost any IC that you can think of. It gets the job done well. But, compatibility with Linux is questionable. If you want to use this with Linux you can use minipro, it lets you program ICs using Linux, BSD, or most Unix based systems.